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Integrating Holistic Management into our work and yours

…by taking the holistic view, we are able to focus on managing complexity so we may create functioning landscapes, businesses and communities now and in the future.

Introducing the Savory Network

What is Holistic Management?

Holistic Management has evolved over the past five decades as land managers around the world, led by Allan Savory, have sought to understand how we can achieve landscapes that support our communities and nature simultaneously while healing the damage done by conventional agriculture, slowing down and reversing desertification and regenerating soils. These experiences have been brought together into a decision framework called Holistic Management that allows for us to manage complexity, the diversity that is around us above and below the ground. It is regenerative agriculture, but so much more. The Savory Network are the global hubs and accredited professionals who have been trained in Holistic Management so we may practice it, teach others and advise projects on its use and implementation.

How we integrate Holistic Management into our work

Our Managing Director, Meghan Sapp, as one of only 160 people in the world accredited by the Savory Institute, works with our clients by taking a holistic view in project development and implementation but also integration of Holistic Management into everyday life and business operations. In addition to PlanetEnergy’s projects, Meghan also gives presentations to groups on request regarding the basics of Holistic Management as well as more detailed workshops regarding Holistic Financial Planning, Holistic Land Planning and Holistic Planned Grazing. Check our events page for when she’ll next be offering workshops and training.

Holistic Financial Planning

Making your money work for you

Holistic Land Planning

Making your land work for you

Holistic Planned Grazing

Leadership and partnerships.


Holistic Financial Planning starts with the premise that we plan for profit rather than profit being “whatever’s left”. With some basic concepts, we break down the different pieces of your business into individual “enterprises” to understand what is profitable and what is not. The we take a holistic view of the business, looking for logjams that keep the overall operation from being as profitable as it could be as well as individual issues for each enterprise, and find ways to reduce overall expenses. When we’re done, we’ll have set you up with a system that allows you to make decisions based on your holistic context that ensure you’re on the road to profitability rather than waking up one morning regretting not changing things sooner.


Whether you bought your land or inherited it, whether it came with installations or you are starting from scratch with an “empty” track of land, understanding how the land works and making it work for you in line with your holistic context is key. We’ll work with you to understand your needs, the challenges on your property and any of those resulting from the management of neighbours, and work out a 10-year plan for where you want to go as well as the investment needed to get there. Then those investments can be fit into your Holistic Financial Plan to make sure you’re paying for those improvements with profit rather than going into debt.


Holistic Planned Grazing brings together the key insights of Holistic Management: holism, fragility, time and the predator/prey relationship so you can achieve functioning natural energy, water and mineral cycles while promoting community dynamics (biodiversity). By planning your grazing, we’re able to help you determine who much feed you will produce for your animals every season, how much needs to be reserved for the non-growing season and in case of drought, how many animals your land can support now and, in the future, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your land while regenerating your soils and raising healthy animals. We’ll work together with you so you understand what is behind the planning procedures so you can do them yourself, but don’t worry, we’re always here to support you.