Turning vision into reality

Get to know the leadership team


We’re currently working on a volunteer basis as a WWOOF host, so if you’re interested to spend some of the summer with us, you can contact us through our profile. But as we grow, we’re going to need the best to join us so keep an eye out for vacancies. We do not accept unsolicited CVs at this time.

Behind the scenes

Bringing it all together

Take a lifelong entrepreneur with a career’s worth of experience in bioenergy and sustainable agriculture and combine her with an industrial engineer who has worked with reforming old farm houses and designing industrial scale waste-to-energy and what do you get? PlanetEnergy, of course!

Diversity of thought and experience

Creating EnergyCommunities and EnergyIslands

You need more than pure engineering skills to design EnergyCommunities and EnergyIslands. You need systems design thinking, decades worth of professional networks across all possible realms of renewable energy, the capacity to think holistically and to engage with partners from communities to board rooms. And that’s what we’ve done with PlanetEnergy to ensure you get the best of all worlds and not “just” engineers.

Meghan Sapp

Founder and Managing Director

Meghan has spent more than 15 years transitioning food and energy production across Europe and Africa focused on systems design, circular economies and the integration of renewable energy with waste-to-energy at its heart. From journalist to lobbyist to entrepreneur, her unique combination of practical hands-on experience in agriculture and renewable energy technology together with communications and multi-stakeholder engagement has rooted her at the centre of the food systems revolution. She is an Accredited Professional from the Savory Institute, one of only 160 people in the world with the training required to officially teach and advise on Holistic Management.

Iñigo Arana Hernandez

Director of Engineering

Iñigo has more than 15 years of experience as an industrial engineer, having worked extensively in the pulp and paper industry with a focus on designing and implementing waste-to-energy projects including as site manager and project lead. He designed the Curly Creek Ranch project from scratch and oversaw its implementation, from bioconstruction design and supply chain management to designing and overseeing the implementation of the off-grid energy system. Iñigo leads the technical aspects of all of PlanetEnergy’s energy projects and supports the Holistic Management processes at the Ranch.

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