Where we’re going

    For PlanetEnergy to be the tool that implements our goal of modern food systems that regenerate the soil and the communities it serves through resource efficiency, circular economies and integration of renewable energy to move away from reliance on fossil fuels.


    Why we’re here

    For Curly Creek Ranch to be a symbol and a model for modern, sustainable rural living where regeneration of the land’s resources through holistic livestock management, gardening aligned with nature and off-grid energy production and consumption demonstrates the economic, social and environmental feasibility of our way of life.


    What is important to us

    Curly Creek Ranch is a place where happy animals and happy people live in harmony and thrive. People come to the Ranch to connect with its natural, healing energy while leaving their stresses and drama at the gate. People interact with animals in a loving, respectful manner where the animals’ physical needs come first. People interact with the land in a way that its needs are met through functioning water, mineral and energy cycles, and strong community dynamics. People interact with each other in an open, respectful way without judgement of different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds, helping without needing to ask, where the focus is on giving so everyone receives.

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