Our Initiative

PlanetEnergy and Curly Creek Ranch

…dedicated to regenerating food systems and rural communities through renewable energy, resource efficiency, and circular economies.

Let us introduce ourselves


PlanetEnergy SL was founded in 2010 based on the simple idea of integrating renewable energy, with a focus on waste-to-energy, into agriculture, food processing, industrial parks and rural communities. Renewable energy was too divided into solar vs wind vs bioenergy, so we wanted to bring together all of them into bespoke systems that provided the energy required to reduce or eliminate food and agriculture’s reliance on fossil fuels and rising energy prices. We look at resource efficiency overall, so energy efficiency to reduce your consumption and your later investment in renewable production capacity, but also water use as well. Through systems design, we create circular economies—from single farms off-grid and on-grid to food processing and even villages or peri-urban areas—anywhere in the world.

How we are approaching the challenges


In the decade since we were founded, we’ve learned a lot about how farms and food processors think and work, and the challenges in bringing communities together for the common good. We seek to create energy systems that will reduce power bills in addition to carbon footprints while transforming food systems.

And what we’ve discovered is that having the right technologies and know-how isn’t enough. We need a holistic framework from which to engage with communities, clients and projects, so thanks to Holistic Management, we’re bringing that wider perspective to ensure success along every stage of project development and implementation.


Integrating renewable energy with food and agriculture


Helping you to regenerate your farm, business and community


Regeneratively grown vegetables and eggs from happy hens

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